Overcounter dry dispensers

All our dry water cooling and dispensing devices as well as soda water production devices are of top quality and modern design. With the new design, not only in its external appearance, but internal as well, we have made it simple to use both for the end user but for servicing as well. With its distinct design it will adapt to any environment and become an indispensable part of any home or office. There is no need for PVC packaging which makes us environmentally friendly.  

Under counter devices with water bath

Water cooling devices as well as devices for soda water production are an excellent solution which provides serving refreshing cold water, ambient temperature water as well as cooled carbonated water. They are designed for professional water cooling in bars, cafes, restaurants  and other catering facilities. The devices are installed under the counter and via a biological filter for water cleaning they are connected to the user’s water supply system, making it available at all times.


Under counter soda water production devices may be used with any cooling device of Premix type as a supplement for carbonated water. It has never been easier to get sparkling bubbles. They are easy to install, easy to use and easy to service.