Draught beer dispensers

Beer is a highly appreciated drink due to its nutritious and physical properties as well as organoleptic and refreshing ones. Draught beer from a cooling dispenser, full of taste and texture, in a cold glass, with firm foam makes a completely different dymension in the world of beer lovers. Our beer dispenser keeps the beer at an optimum temperature which can easily be regulated regardless of the type of beer, be it Lager, Ale, Stout, wheat beer or some other type. All that is needed here is our cooling beer dispenser, a place for dispensing and a space to keep your beer keg.  


Wine dispensers

Wine is a social drink and as such it is usually consumed along with the main dish, therefore it is important for the wine to have its characteristc smell and flavour. The advantage of this cooling wine dispenser in relation to other methods of wine dispensing lies in the ever constant consumption temperature of wine and maintained quality of wine. Cooling wine dispensers, just like those that are used for dispensing mulled wine, have been made just with one purpose – serving perfectly cooled, or flavoury mulled wine in a glass.      


Water dispensers

Our water and soda water dispensers are an ideal solution in hot summer months which enable us to enjoy drinking refreshing cold water. These devices are designed to be used in production plants, shops, offices, bars and households. Depending on the presence of carbon dioxide, there are two types of water: carbonated and non-carbonated or still. Carbonated water, or soda water, is the water richly filled with CO₂, which  gives it bubbleness. Soda water is combined with sweeteners and various flavours in order to be able to offer a wide choice of non-alcoholic beverages. In addition, soda water is an ingredient in many cocktails.  


Juice dispensers

Juices are a very popular choice of drink usually consumed as a beverage but also as an ingredient or just a flavour added to food or other drinks, such as smoothies. Juice dispensers are intended for cooling drinks or production of soda water (Postmix system) as well as dispensing carbonated beverages, for cooling and dispensing other non-carbonated beverages such as juice, wine … (Premix system). The term POSTMIX defines the cooling and dispensing system of carbonated beverages where carbonated water is mixed with syrup directly at the dispensing tap at an exactly specified ratio. Water passes through the filter and enters the saturator where it gets carbonated, and passing through the cooling coils reaches the outpouring spot, where it gets united with the cooled syrup then to be dispensed at the postmix tap. Juices are always cold and refreshing.


Cold coffee dispensers

Our dispensers offer cold coffee which is improved in relation to the traditional iced coffee. Nitro coffee is a perfect drink to break the bitter taste related to coffee. As the drink is dispensed, it is bound with nitrogen which gives it a rich, creamy foam, similar to the one of the beer on the draught, a Stout such as Guinness. Drinks with nitrogen, such as nitro coffee, are one of the most popular trends in catering industry today. Cold dispensed coffee and nitro coffee can make a real difference to your catering facility. In addition to coffee, cold tea can also be dispensed as well as cold nitro tea, but dispensers also serve perfectly well in preparation of cold cocktails.  


Milk dispensers

Milk is primarily natural food rich in proteins, calcium, vitamins and

minerals which are absolutely essential for growth and proper functioning of our organism. Milk is a popular drink and its everyday consumption for breakfast is one of the healthiest eating habits. Hotels, pensions, canteens and schools demand large quantities of fresh milk, so our cooling milk dispensing devices offer the comfort of self-servicing and they are easy to refill during the peak time. Serving fresh milk from ths device is ideal because at the same time it reduces the quantity of waste made by plastic containers, which means we offer another advantage and a way of saving. Our milk dispensers are characterised by impeccable design, need for minimum maintenance, unmatched efficiency and simplicity of use.



Stainless steel thin-walled tubes are used in different industries such as food industry, medical or processing industry. In essence they are the elements in cooling and heating systems, as well as in other branches of consumer goods.