Overcounter dry coolers

Beer drinking is one of the people's favourite forms of relaxation on nearly every occasion. Cooling dry block dispensers are ideal for offering your new "home brewed" beer. They are of special interest to lovers of craft beer as well as classic one on the draught. Along with traditional beer consumption in bars, pubs, ale houses and cafes, over counter dry coolers are ideal for parties such as birthdays, campings, weddings, anniversaries, corporate celebrations and even relaxations at home after everyday chores, such as lawn mowing.

Under-counter coolers with water bath

Our professional under counter beer coolers with water bath, which have now become traditional, are an indispensable part of every bar, every café, restaurant, hotel but of other catering facilities as well. They come in two versions, vertical and horizontal, and they cover all installation conditions and customer requirements.

Easy handling as well as easy servicing in combination with the best components ensure the best performance.

Mobile dispensers with water bath

Some of us just want to have a beer at a concert of our favourite band, some sports event or a holiday celebration. These events are wonderfully handled by our mobile cooling beer dispensers. Our despensers, particularly convenient for events due to their simplicity of installation and ease of use, are very popular because the draught beer is always fresh and provides a full experience.