Overcounter cooling dispensers

Refined drinks, such as wine, have to be handled with particular care. For this very reason we have developed a line of wine dispensers whose cooling and dispensing operations are carried out with as much care as it is necessary. The advantage of this cooling wine dispenser in relation to other methods of wine dispensing lies in the ever constant temperature at which wine can be consumed and the maintained quality of wine. 

Overcounter dispensers with heating

High performance mulled wine dispensers with electronic thermostat constantly keep a set temperature of wine. The quality of wine on the draught is constantly of the same consistence because all the way from the tank to the outpouring system it is in a closed area in controlled conditions. 

Grape must cooling systems

These systems precisely control the temperature of grape must during the fermentation process.  

Cooling devices in combination with electromagnetic valves and electronic temperature regulators maintain the desired fermentation temperature very precisely i.e. they keep the constant temperature during the process of fermentation.