Oprema d.d. is a family-owned producer of cooling and dispensing equipment for all types of drinks, such as beer, soft drinks, juices, wine, water, soda-water, milk and nitro/cold brew coffee.

The company was founded in year 1948 and the production of current assortment of products began in year 1976. Current and 2nd generation family CEO Domagoj Cvetko now has a team of 288 employees, with products present on over 50 markets worldwide.

The main reasons for the companys success is permanent emphasis on quality and in-house sourcing of all production processes. Oprema has, under one roof, everything from R&D, thermodynamic laboratory, construction, over 20 production technologies and other required departments all organised according to lean production management.

With a yearly production of 50.000 units, Oprema is the European production leader in its industry. Holding 4 ISO and many other certificates (like UL and NSF), quality and environmental policies are seriously lived by.

A new investment circle is soon to begin, ensuring stability and further growth.

A word from the CEO


Domagoj Cvetko
mag. oec.
President of the Board, CEO

Dear business partners, associates, co-workers, dear friends!

I have the honor to congratulate all of us on the past 4 and a half decades of existence and work of the company Oprema d.d.

Since the far-away 1976 when the production of catering equipment started, the company has had its ups and downs, economic crises and expansions, wars, changes of state systems…  Without looking back at the others but rather relying on our own expertise, following our own developmental strategy, we adhered to what we were best at – our own product and quality! 

Synergy of years-long experience and expertise coupled with innovative solutions, professional approach and flexibility as well as adaptability to the customer needs enabled us to grow into a powerful and modern organisation ready for new challenges, further development and prosperity. Further modernisation of the company, development of new products, implementation of ecological solutions as well as green energy will all continue according to the plan.

Being aware that man is the highest value of our company, we would like to thank all our employees, our business partners, associates and all who have been with us for the past 45 years and we would like to invite you to build with us an even better and more prosperous future.

With this in mind, I thank you.



Our successful track record as well as further efforts in the continuous developemnt of our products are directed to the client satisfaction.



The acquired experience and expertise as well as permanent investment into quality, development of new products for the current and new markets in addition to the employee education are prerequisites for reinforcing our leading position in the European Union and making us a significant subject on the global market.



Implementation of our goals which is based on close cooperation with users of our products, generate those products whose exploitation is optimal and excels in duration. High flexibility in accepting and implementing the customer requests creates a partner relationship of mutual trust. Research and permanent development of innovations coupled with usage of advanced information technologies in the refrigeration systems, along with raising the ecological culture are aimed at the end user satisfaction.


Two locations:
Ludbreg & Trnovec



288 employees:
239 Oprema
49 Bloom Technologies



50.000 refrigeration
units produced
per year



Direct sales
to 50 countries
on 5 continents