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Always cold and refreshing!

POSTMIX equipment is primarily intended for cooling and dispensing carbonated beverages, as well as dispensing non-carbonated drinks (juice, wine,...).

This is cooling and dispensing system of carbonated beverages in which carbonated water is mixed with syrup in a tap, with a precisely prescribed percentage of dry substance.

The syrup is distributed into containers pressurised with CO2. The water passes through a filter and into the saturator (carbonator) where it is carbonised. It then passes through the cooling tubes ending with a POSTMIX dispensing tap.

Natural fruit taste on your table!

Start your day with 100% natural juice. Refresh your body and relinquish stress !

Cooling and dispensing units for non carbonised drinks mix syrup with water in an exact percentage of dry matter. With ther modern and practical design they take up little space and can fit well in any surrounding. Ideal for places with medium to high consumption, units are perfect for supermarkets, hotels, food courts, hospitals, schools, etc.

The syrup is distributed in "Bag in Box" packaging. The volume of a "Bag in Box" package is 10 liters.


Cold drinks... Oprema Postmix!

Professional units for cooling soft drinks, beer, wine and water. Characterized by high performance, quality and great design. A large variety of cooling units with capacity matching all needs, from small local restaurants to places with high consumption like halls, stadiums, etc. Real energy saving. We introduce the new generation of Postmix energy saving units, Oprema has done it again!


Overcounter Postmix units offer a convenient way of dispensing chilled drinks at the bar. Always near, always pleasantly fresh and cold drinks.


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