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Due to its nutritional, physiological, organoleptic and refreshing qualities beer is highly appreciated beverage all around the world.

"True" beer enthusiasts give preference to open-style, freshly poured beer as opposed to beer sold in bottles. Many breweries have made their reputation and acquired steady consumers with their open-style beer.

In the chain from production all to the consumers, coolers for cooling and dispensing beer in glasses are the long arm of beer sales.

Except for our standard beer program we also offer PARTY, EVENT, NORDIC and SPECIAL coolers.

Always ready for a cold beer!

The new ECO and BOX series units are completely modernized, optimized and ready to cool!

Nice visual design, easy costumer usage as well as easy service access combined with only the best components assure premium performance. Style, character and quality are what these series are!

Best components combined, optimized and tested in our laboratory are put together to give you 100% efficiency of the entire cooling circle in each and every cooler.

Technically made according to highest standards and regulations of EU, both in production, usage, energy and recycling, ECO and BOX series ARE the absolute top performance coolers!


Complete experience!

You just want to drink beer on the concert of your favorite group, on sports event or on any other big celebration … that is not a problem with our Mobi Bar coolers. These coolers are made for events, so their installation is simple and they are easy for manipulating, and that why they are popular and the beer is always fresh what provides complete satisfaction to the consumer.


Special guest at your party

Consuming beer is one of the most popular form of entratainment in almost each occasion. Beer is most often consumed drink on party like: birthday, camping, weddings, anniversary, corporative party and even after doing daily house works like for example mowing.

As is crucial that beer need to be cold, to the temperature that is optimal for consuming, the worse that can happened is the unquenched thirst and displeasure after consuming warm beer, that why Oprema PARTY coolers are the most ideal for cooling and dispensing beer on the party's. Optimal temperature of the draft beer is first condition for the best party.


Professional beer units for cooling characterized by high performances, quality and good design. Large variety of cooling units with capacity matching all needs from small local restorans to large consuming places like halls, stadions, etc.


DUO COOLER: Units that can achieve lower temperature for dispensing beer and by using glycol system freeze dispensing towers on the bar.

FAST POUR: Units for fast dispensing.

More information on request.


Undercounter unit for cooling beer
Technical data
Compressor: 12.97 cc
Water tank: 40.0 l
Ice bank: 15.0 kg
Cooling capacity Δt10/20°C: 59/30 l
Cooling capacity Δt10/20°C (with ice bank): 192/97 l
Dimensions: 440x450x720 mm
Weight (unpacked): 39.0 kg
Boxes per pallete: 12

Electrical data
Voltage/Frequency: 230V 50Hz
Power: 0,48 kW
Run: 2,80 A

All specifications (data) about compressors are based on: condensing temperature (Tcond=55°C), evaporating temperature (Tev.=-5°C), ambient temperature (Tamb.=32°C) and relative humidity 65±5%. All capacities and dispense rates are for 32°C Ambient, 15/24°C beer ingoing and dispensing temperature 3-5°C.
We reserve the right to modify at any time the technical data and specifications reported herein, as the result of technical updating and improvement.
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