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Because water deserves it!

We produce top quality water cooling units and soda water units which are intended to be used in production lines, stores, offices, bars and homes. The units can have high technology filters that reduce chlorine, smells, bad taste, etc. and they are characterised by modern and ergonomic design.

Growing water pollution influences the hygienically correct water for drinking that's volume in the world is getting smaller and water and it, as a source of life, is necessary for good health of people. Drinking water has suddenly becoming a rare luxury difficult to get. Considering how water is important for existence it is not difficult to conclude that we need it like the air we breathe. Depending on the presence of carbon dioxide in it we separate water in two groups: carbonated and non-carbonated.

Carbonated water or soda water is water that is strongly filled with CO2, which gives sparkling to it and also contains a small quantity of sodium bicarbonate. Soda water combined with sweeteners and different aromas gives a huge pallet of non-alcoholic beverages. Many cocktails also contain soda water.

New AQUAMIX is a 3 in 1 solution that offers everything you would ever want to drink: cold water, ambiental water and soda water. In a new design, not only external but also internal, we made it as user and service friendly as possible. With its distinctive design it can easy blend in at any location and become an irreplaceable part of your surroundings.


Offering complete soda systems we cover the entire spectar of soda instalations. Here you can find soda systems for built in instalations.


We offer a big variety of carbonators that deliver nothing but top performance. Tested, optimized and fitted with top components, our carbonators are as easy to install, use and service as one, two, three.


Undercounter unit for soda water production, cooling and dispensing natural and soda water
Technical data
Compressor: 3.86 cc
Water tank: 6.0 l
Ice bank: 1.0 kg
Cooling capacity Δt19: 8 l
Cooling capacity Δt19 (with ice bank): 12 l
Dimensions: 340x295x640 mm
Weight (unpacked): 27.0 kg
Boxes per pallete: 12

Electrical data
Voltage/Frequency: 230V 50Hz
Power: 0,30 kW
Run: 1,90 A

All specifications (data) about compressors are based on: condensing temperature (Tcond=55°C), evaporating temperature (Tev.=-5°C), ambient temperature (Tamb.=32°C) and relative humidity 65±5%. All capacities and dispense rates are for 32°C Ambient, 15/24°C water ingoing and dispensing temperature 3-5°C.
We reserve the right to modify at any time the technical data and specifications reported herein, as the result of technical updating and improvement.
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