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In wine wealthy countries like Croatia around 75% of wine is sold as "draught" wine. Present trends in Europe are such that in catering firms the wine cooling and dispensing units are being installed rapidly. The advantage of the wine cooling and dispensing units in relation to the other ways of dispensing is that the dispensing temperature is always the same, as well as the wine's quality.

Oprema-uredjaji naturally also produces wine cooling and dispensing units.

The dispensing of the wine by cooling and dispensing units can be performed in different ways:

  • suppressed by nitrogen
  • suppressed with a pressostatic pump (air or nitrogen pump)
  • suppressed with a electric pressostatic pump
  • or with a Bag in Box system.

In Europe wine is packaged in containers, beer kegs, glass bottles and in recent time the "Bag in Box".

It is not known when man drank his first glass of wine, but it is sure that from the early days wine was appreciated as the drink or Gods. The wine is actually convivial drink, and it is mostly consumed during meals, so it is important to preserve it's specific flavour and aroma. All above is the reason why we have given full attention to this technology of cooling and wine dispensing equipment.

A drink as delicate as wine needs to be handled with care. This is why we developed a special line of wine coolers which cool and distribute wine as carefully as it was made. A range of overcounter and undercounter coolers is available in a few varities of dispensing. All are produced with the same purpose: serve a perfectly cooled glass of wine as it was intended to be.


The Bag in Box packing system represents a very modern trend and is a new technology which provides high quality products, carefully temperature treated and with longer storage time at normal temperatures. Bag in Box systems provide high quality of wine because there is no air entry and wine can not deteriorate. Flexible bags (Bag) has as the outside package an appropriate carton or metal box wich is easy to manipulate as also the safety seal (tap) hermeticaly to close the box and providing moisture and gas resistance.

Bag in Box systems also provide other specific advantages compared to traditonal containers as bottles, cans, caniststers, buckets, etc.

  • lower costs comparing with traditional containers
  • eliminated cleaning and transport charges related with packaging
  • assembled, empty Bag in Box takes less place in storage and transport comparing with frim containers
  • better product protection
  • fast and simple mounting on cooler, and easy maintenance.



Overcounter unit for cooling and dispensing wine
Technical data
Compressor: 3.86 cc
Water tank: 6.0 l
Ice bank: 2.0 kg
Cooling capacity Δt10/20°C: 17/8 l
Cooling capacity Δt10/20°C (with ice bank): 34/17 l
Dimensions: 210x565x470 mm
Weight (unpacked): 24.0 kg

8/7 (8+7)
Electrical data
Voltage/Frequency: 230V 50Hz
Power: 0,17 kW
Run: 1,20 A

All specifications (data) about compressors are based on: condensing temperature (Tcond=55°C), evaporating temperature (Tev.=-5°C), ambient temperature (Tamb.=32°C) and relative humidity 65±5%. All capacities and dispense rates are for 32°C Ambient, 15/25°C wine ingoing and dispensing temperature 3-5°C.
We reserve the right to modify at any time the technical data and specifications reported herein, as the result of technical updating and improvement.
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