About us - Mission and Vision

We have positioned ourself among the top 5 producers of cooling and dispensing units in the World, and with the quantity of produced units among the top 5 producers. Our position is growing every year and our goal is that Oprema d.d. also becomes one of the top 5 producers with the number of produced units.

Our good geografical position enables us to be the no. 1 producer for EU market, and with excellent coverage for South-East Europe. Beyond the European markets our aim is North and Middle America, North Africa, and Middle and Far East.

About us - Strategy

Today's success and further efforts will be aimed on fulfilling market requests, product development and production. For achieving these goals we are fully equipped with a flexible production using CAD-CAM and IT technology, giving a special accent on research and development by our high educated engineers. We intensively work on development of new components with our suppliers and we follow the latest trends in cooling technology.

Our wide net of representatives enables fast flow of information and distribution of products.

Achieving our goals, based on cooperation with customers, we generate products which are both optimal and for long terms. High flexibility in accepting and fulfilling customer ideas creates partnerships and a high level of mutual trust.

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