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We always aspire to have correct and responsible business with our business partners around the world. This general business policy was made with a will to expand “Good will” practice and it contains points that we promote and which we want our business partners to accept. We prioritize good relationship with both customers and suppliers, so we find the following points very important:


Key elements for successful and sustainable business relationships are something that Oprema insists on, and it consists following items:

  • Support an open, fair and competitive business environment.
  • In comply with all relevant applicable laws and regulations.
  • Corruption and bribery will not be tolerated on any level or it any form.
  • Every our,as well as our partner's business, commercial and financial information is considered confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties.
  • Conflicts of interest are not allowed to affect the good operation of our business.


We endorse the values enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Core Conventions of the International Labor Organization based on respect for the dignity of the individual without distraction of any kind. Our key elements are:

  • Working conditions should assure safe working practices and support the occupational health of employees.
  • Employees should be treated fairly in relation to reasonable working hours, periodic leave and remuneration for work period.
  • People are employed based on the principle of equal opportunity, without distinction to race, color, gender, religion, affiliation or origin.
  • Participation of children, forced or bonded workers will not be allowed and specifically there will be compliance with the relevant standards of the International Labor Organization.


We strive to treat environment with due care. Our Green manifest refers to informing, educating and focusing our employees to take care of the environment. In addition to our Green manifest our key elements for environment protection are:

  • The production and supply chain process are designed to make efficient use of available resources and to minimize the environmental impact.
  • Our suppliers also promote greater environmental responsibility and we promote the development and diffusion of environmental friendly technologies.
  • With our activities we attempt to contribute to the development of the community and to improve the quality of life and environmental protection.


We expect our suppliers to assist us in fulfilling the aforementioned key elements by incorporating them in their own business practice. Our suppliers shall take all necessary steps to ensure that the key elements of the Supplier Code are communicated to their employees. Suppliers shall take all appropriate steps to ensure that their own suppliers conduct business by the key elements of the Supplier Code.

We have the obligation to treat each individual with same respect and permanent improvement in the environment protection.

We believe that these principles will be reflected to our complete value chain and accepted by our business partners.

Policy of quality, environmental, occupational health, occupational safety, safety at work and safety of products and components that are in direct contact with beverages are the foundation of the business process management in Oprema d.d.

ISO 9001:2015 ISO 14001:2015 ISO 45001:2018 ISO 22000:2018

With constant improvement of quality and safety of our products and a partnership approach to our satisfied customer we opted for the implementation of the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 22000:2018 as integrated system.

According to above mentioned, for realization of defined mision and vision we are going implement following politics:

Quality policy

Oprema d.d. has declared itself as a company that is environmentally responsible and cooperative along with nature. As a company we understand and acknowledge the importance of environmental protection. We are aware of an impact of our company to environment. Bearing this in mind, every segment of our company annually examines its processes and procedures, and it is finding a way to make it work, as far as possible, environmentally friendly. In accordance with the “Green Movement“, we will make efforts to improve the efficiency of all processes.

Along with understanding and embracing the "Green Movement" not just as a trend, our company made a commitment a while back to:

  • Learning - By building a research and simulation laboratory
  • Understanding – By educating our workers
  • Courage – By thinking "outside the box"
  • Commitment – By doing what we are saying
  • Raising awareness – By educating our community
  • Persistence – By never forgetting the cause

Bearing this in mind, it lead us to support this worthy cause in the following ways:

  • Saving our energy – By implementing our "Efficient energy usage policy"
  • Saving your energy – By producing energy efficient and sustainable products
  • Reducing CO2 emissions – By using quality components and expanding product life span
  • Discovering new possibilities – By researching new components and new resources

Optimizing production processes we try to develop a product that has a direct impact on saving energy, materials and natural resources.

General principles

We feel honored to be present in a community such as the city of Ludbreg. Every effort and dedication which our employees bring to their job each day gives us great satisfaction. We feel responsible to state our appreciation, not just through salaries or other benefits, but also by our contribution to the society that surrounds us.

We believe that companies should support various parts of their micro and macro surroundings whether it is sports, education, culture or other. By this we support and help growth of quality of life, creating a better living and working conditions for people around us.

Fields of endorsement

We decided that our focus should be spread on several areas and based on two criteria:
a) what we believe is important and
b) what the local community believes is important. In the majority or cases these criteria align.

1. Education

2. Culture

3. Sports

Category description

1. Education

The backbone of every developed community is education. We support good, broad, specialized, lifelong education.

2. Culture

Culture is what makes us grow as people. It widens our horizons and stimulates our creativity. Together with education it makes a perfect combination for personal and professional growths.

3. Sports

The key to healthy life is in sports. We highly support recreational sports because we believe that every person should be active regardless of their gender, age or status.


Safety at work is organized and carried out with the aim of ensuring working conditions deprived of danger to life and health for all employees with the aim of preventive and timely avoiding accidents and injuries at work, including occupational and other illness and mitigating their consequences. Systematic safety at work is performed due to human and economic reasons. Occupational Health and Safety Management system is conducted through BS OHSAS 18001:2007 norm in order to eliminate or reduce workplace hazards affecting both employees and other interested parties.

Protection as a mandatory part of the working culture

Safety at work is an integral part of the organization and execution of all procedures in production and as such it is mandatory part of work culture. All employees are trained to work in a safe manner. Responsible parties for improving safety are everyone, starting with and the employer's and occupational safety and health personnel to employees, primarily working in manufacturing facilities.

Multiple damage

In order to detect and eliminate the damage and dangers which threaten the life and health of personnel at work, determined are protection measures, policies and procedures.

Incidents and occupational diseases, causing serious damages to the employee:

  • in business: reduced employee efficiency, changing the organization of work, additional running costs and decrease in product quality,
  • for employees and their families: reduced social and material security, psychological stability and general health of the individual and the family.
  • in the community: additional involvement of health, social burden and pension funds, the issuance for additional infrastructure, and the engagement of humanitarian and social organizations

Improving working conditions

With constant monitoring, measuring and improving we make great efforts and resources in the development and application of new technologies, machinery and equipment other than production-technological progress and increased productivity, good conditions of safety at work. Depending on workplace specification and according to risk assessment, it is made acquisition of high-quality protective equipment. With the constant improvement of working conditions, particular attention is paid to compliance with international standards, and applicable statutes and regulations in the field of safety and security at work.

This Privacy Policy is based on the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) which explains what personal information is collected regarding our services and products, how we treat, use and protect this information, for which purposes we use it, as well as your rights associated with your data

Our ground principle is our client privacy and protection of personal data. We follow the following principles to protect your privacy:

  • We do not collect more information than is necessary;
  • We do not use your data for purposes other than those specified;
  • We do not keep your data if it is no longer needed, or with a valid legal basis
  • We never sell, rent or otherwise distribute or make public your personal information.
  • We do not spread your data to third parties, without your knowledge
  • We do not use any automated decision-making processing neither profiling, or by analyzing or predicting your personal preferences and behaviors
  • Your personal data is not transmitted outside the EU
  • We do not use your data for purposes other than what we specified,
  • We also make sure that your data is stored securely.

It is important to read our Privacy Policy and we hope you will dedicate your time and your attention. We tried to make these regulations clear and understandable, with our will to keep your full confidence in the way we deal with your personal data

If you will have any further questions about your personal dana protection in our company, or if you have idea or suggestions, please contact us to a following contacts:

  • e-mail address gdpr (na) oprema (tocka) com or
  • telephone number +385 42 819183.


1.Who are we

Company OPREMA d.d. from Ludbreg, Gospodarska ulica 5, Croatia, OIB: 62566427718, MBS: 070002274, registered at Commercial court in Varaždin for production of refrigeration for cooling and dispensing beer, and also devices for cooling and dispensing soft drinks, wine, water, soda water, and other activities within its business scope.

OPREMA d.d. acts in relation to your personal data as our clients and potential customers of services and products in the role of the data contoller, which determines the purposes and means of your personal data processing and ensures that all the security measures of your personal data are safe.


2. Which data we process

OPREMA d.d. process several categories of your personal data:

a) Data regarding business cooperation

We collect your information that you make available to us when intending to sign a purchase order for our products that are required to complete the contract, such as your first and last name, address, contact information (email address, phone number), personal identification number (OIB), and we process them for the length of our contractual relationship. This includes information necessary for the delivery of contracted products and services, invoicing, data proving the contract authorizations, and data collected when communicating with us (e.g. contact information).

Also, we collect your information that you make available to us when intending to sign a purchase agreement for your products and services, as our loyal suppliers, which are required to complete the contract, such as your first and last name, address, contact information address, phone number), Personal Identification Number (OIB), and processed during the term of our contractual relationship

b) Web

We completly follow the legislation regarding privacy protection and protection of other data we get into possession thru the web pages, and we take all reasonable technical and other measures to protect them according to the law.

We do not sell, rent or give e-mail addresses or any other data to third parties. Data will be used exclusively for business contacts, with with the intention to improve our website or for statistical purposes.

Occasionally we conduct surveys and questionnaires on our web site. The data that we will collect within this surveys and questionnaires is used exclusively for the needs of OPREMA d.d.

Our web page contains links to other web pages, on which our Privacy policy does not apply. We recommend you read the privacy policy of every internet page you visit.


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We use the following cookies:

1. session cookie
Used so the website remembers the used language, sign-ins and similar

2. Google Analytics
Used to analyze visitor statistics and website usage
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3. How will we use your personal data information

We collect, process and use your personal information in accordance with applicable laws and above all:

a) for conclusion of the contract and delivering the ordered products, or for the purpose of fulfilling the obligations impossed by our contract
b) Based on our legitimate interests, above all to control and ensure the high-quality standards of our services and products, and thereby achieve your satisfaction, especially for sending information about our products and services; and
c) Based on your individual and unquestioned privileges given freely to the clearly indicated purpose of data collection.


4. Who has access to your personal data

Your personal information may be accessed by other recipients solely in the manner provided by the applicable regulations and based on the relevant contracts that ensure a high level of personal data protection.

We cooperate with partners which help us to provide and improve our services and products and make our direct communication with you more effective. Access to your personal information is provided to authorized external data processors for processing personal data on behalf of our company, based on our explicit instructions and through contract agreements. These partners are obliged to strictly comply with the obligation of confidentiality in accordance with these Terms and conditions, with the contracts that we have concluded with them and in accordance with the obligations of the GDPR.

Our chosen external data processors are primarily the persons and companies that provide us with deliveries of products and services, IT services and maintenance services for business applications, legal services and other services related to the business of our company, without which we would be able to ensure fulfillment of our contractual obligations towards you and provide you with a high level of quality of our services and products.

Providing access to data to other legal or natural persons is always limited to the measure necessary to achieve the purpose for which the data have been collected and implemented in accordance with the applicable regulations. At the same time, we guarantee that no personal data is processed in third countries outside the European Union territory

5. Your rights

We ensure a provision of your rights related to the processing of your personal data. First, we ensure you following rights:

a) Right to access

You have right to request confirmation of whether we process your information and, if so, get access to that information. In case we handle a larger amount of data pertaining to you, we may ask you to specify your request for delivery of certain specific data groups that we opt out of you.

b) Right to correct any information that we have about you

In case you notice that we are processing inaccurate or incomplete data, or you want to change them, you have the right to request correction of the same or to complete your personal data. To ensure that we always handle only accurate personal information about you, you need to let us know all their changes.

c) Right to Delete ("Right to be forgotten")

You can ask for your personal data to be deleted when, for example, you have withdrawn your privacy to process your information, if your personal data is processed illegally or when your data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or processed in any way. However, please be assured that we will not be able to delete your information if they are needed to comply with legal obligations, contractual obligations, and other legal grounds in the Privacy Policy.

d) Right to restriction of processing

You have the right to obtain a limit on the processing of your personal information, which you can requested, for example, if you have file the complaint against the processing of data, if you are in any doubt to the processed accuracy of your personal data or the lawfulness of their processing, but you do not want these data to be deleted or you still need it for the realization of legal requirements.

e) Right to lodge a complaint

Regarding to your special situation, you can at any time file a complaint about the processing of your personal information and we will limit the processing of your personal data. Also, we will delete this information and stop processing them, unless we prove that there are reasoned and legitimate legal grounds for keeping them.

Furthermore, you have right at any time to object to the processing of your personal information for purposes of direct marketing. After filing your complaint, your personal information will stop processing for this purpose.

f) Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority

If you consider that processing of your personal information is in contravention with General Data Protection Regulation, you have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. Supervisory Authority for Republic of Croatia is Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency with headquarters at: Martićeva ulica 14, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, web: http://azop.hr/, phone: +385 1 4609 000.

g) Right to withdraw consent

If processing of your personal information is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw it at any consequences.

Fulfillment of this rights you can required:

  • personally, in the headquarters OPREMA d.d. at Gospodarska ulica 5, 42230 Ludbreg, Croatia
  • by calling at +385 42 819183,
  • electronically to the e-mail address: gdpr (na) oprema (tocka) com
  • writing to OPREMA d.d. at Gospodarska ulica 5, 42230 Ludbreg, Croatia.

We will reply to your request as soon as possible and no later than one month following the request. In the event of the inability to secure your identity, we will be free to request further verification of your identity.


6. Period and place of data storage

The storage period of the personal data we collect depends on the processing purpose for which they are collected. We retain your personal data during the process for conclusion of the contract and by using our services or products and terminating them upon termination of the contractual relationship, upon expiration of any statutory obligation or non-existence of the legal basis of the Privacy Policy relating to the processing of your personal data.

We will keep your personal data in case of a forced payment of unpaid receivables or by complaint about the product or services within the deadline, until the completion proceedings in accordance with the applicable rules of jurisdiction.

By processing Personal data generally valid:

a) based on a consent for the time that is explicitly stated in consent, until the withdraw;
b) for fulfilling our legal obligations or authority in the period specified by law
c) for fulfilling the contract during the term of the contract;
d) based on legitimate interests for direct marketing, during the term of the contract, respectively until received the objection on the processing personal data for this purpose.


7. Enhance of this rule

We reserve the right text of this Privacy policy to occasionally adapt and improve, primarily for respecting the legal changes, respectively, changes in the purposes and methods of processing. However, we will not restrict your rights arising out of this Privacy policy.

In case there are changes to policies that affect your rights, we will notify you in a timely manner and directly in an appropriate manner.


These Rules were published on May 24th, 2018.

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