About us - General manager's word

Respected business partners, employees, friends,

I am honored to be able to congratulate all of us for the past 4 decades of existence and work of the company Oprema d.d. I am proud that Oprema has transformed during those years, from small local company into a key global player, in its business operations in Croatia and worldwide. There were many factors for this amazing achievement, but I would like to emphasize two; employees and quality. Employees, respectively their motivation, personal and professional growth, and constant growing knowledge is the one that makes a decisive diffrence and has a major impact on the development of a compay. Quality is what enabled us to conquer international market. And once we did, it kept us there. Quality over quantity was always a motto in Oprema. With that in mind, today's our products are ahead of their time.

I can honestly and firmly say, we will continue on this path. Further modernization of the factory, developments of new products, implementation of environmental and green energy solutions will continue as planned. For the purpose of timely deliveries as well as shortening the production cycle, all manufacturing processes are based on the Lean Principles, which are the basic prerequisite for the introduction of "INDUSTRY 4.0", which we want to implement in our manufacturing processes over the next few years.

Our priority, with all already mentioned, will be to continue satisfying our customer needs.

With this in mind, thank you.

Dpmagoj Cvetko
Domagoj Cvetko, MBA
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