• Evacuation and rescue exercise
    On January 14th 2019 we organized in association with the town of Ludbreg fire department a training for evacuation and rescue in case of emergency and a training for the persons that would provide evacuation and rescue according to article 55 of the Croatian safety at work law. Hereby, we commend Lidbreg's fire department on an excellent "intervention" and we thank them for their serving and contribution to the local society.
  • Christmas greeting cards SOS Children's Village Croatia
    Again this year we gladly support children in the SOS Children's Village Croatia by buying their unique greeting cards.
  • Movember
    Oprema supports "Movember"
  • BRAU Beviale 2018
    Another successful BRAU BEVIALE fair is behind us. Thanks to all visitors for your interest, and we look forward to new cooperations and business opportunities.
  • ISO
    Continuous activities and improvement procedures at all levels ensure the company's progress. Taking care of high standards of quality, product safety, environmental management, health and safety at work helps us keep a certain edge ahead of competitors while our partner approach leads to satisfied customers. The result of this has been the transition from ISO9001: 2008 and ISO14001:2008 to ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015, which is an expression of our commitment and business discipline. In addition to the previously mentioned standards, we have re-certified ISO22000:2005 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007.
  • Crazy Hill Trail 2018
    This year we proudly sponsored the "Crazy Hill Trail 2018" sport event. Beautiful weather, great runner response and a lot of burned calories have made this year's edition more successful than the previous one. We are looking forward to year 2019!
Understanding and embracing
"The Green Movement" not just as a trend, our company made a commitment and with this in mind, it lead us to support this worthy cause.
Razvoj nove generacije Eco Smart proizvoda poduzeća Oprema d.d.
About the project29.06.2018.
Strengthening competitiveness of company Oprema d.d. through the expansion of the capacity of existing business units and the improvement of technological readiness
About the project   Notifications on procurement20.06.2018.
Certifikacija proizvoda poduzeća Oprema d.d.
About the project
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