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Spare parts are also a important parts of our production program. With them users can solve problems or enhance our beer, wine, juice and other cooling units.

Pumps, motors, taps, compressores, pressure reducers, nipples and other accessory or spare parts for complete assortment of cooling units, and parts on customers special request are produced, or supplied with focus on development and improvement of our product.

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OU tools and parts
1 Beer cooling unit
2 Tower
2.1 Drip tray
3 Installation material
3.1 CO2 pressure reducer - single
3.1-1 CO2 pressure reducer - double
3.2 Two-way diffuser 1/4"
3.3 Ball valve 1/4"
3.4 Dispense head
3.5 Pyton
3.6 Tube 12/7mm for CO2 (tube clip)
3.6-1 Tube 9.5/6.7 for CO2 (J-G connector)
3.7 Tube 12/7 for beer (tube clip)
3.7-1 Tube 9.5/6.7 for beer(J-G connector)
3.8 Tube clip
3.8-1 J-G connector
Pressure reducers, dispense head, Extractor tube and accessories

Installation kit

Compressors and accessories

Condensers and accessories

Motors, pumps, agitators and accessories

Thermostats, relays, pressostats, and other controls

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