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  • LIDER invest 2021 - 2 awards
    At the closing ceremony of Lider invest 2021, a project aimed at promoting investments that create new jobs, increase exports and create added value, held on Tuesday, October 26, 2021 at the Westin Hotel in Zagreb for the investment that contributed to the sustainable development and quality of life of citizens and the protection of space and the environment, we received the ECO LIDER INVEST 2021 award, and for the research and development project of a new smart eco product, we received the BEST SMALL PRODUCTION INVESTMENT award.
  • Education: LEAN proizvodnja
    Given that today's customers are very demanding, their needs are constantly changing and they are looking for quality and functional products, our goal is to achieve business excellence. That is why we are constantly improving, and not only due to competition in the free market, but also because that the results of our business system are reflected in process efficiency, employee motivation, modern technology and top product quality, and with all this, in customer satisfaction. Through constant education of our employees it is easier to implement LEAN production.
  • Crazy Hill Trail 2021
    It was a great pleasure for us to sponsor the sports event "Crazy Hill Trail" 2021, and we are especially proud of our colleagues who participated in the races. Running is, in addition to health, a great way to reduce stress and spread positive vibes. Congratulations to all participants of the race!
  • 45 years
    It all started back in 1976. We couldn't imagine that 45 years later we would be a leader in the production of cooling units for dispensing and cooling beverages. During these 45 years we have achieved true and loyal relationships with our business partners. We are proud of all our present and past employees. they were the most important for all the successes in these 45 years. We hope for many more such anniversaries in the future.
  • SOS Children's Village Croatia
    By purchasing these beautiful Christmas cards, we are helping the children placed in the SOS Children's Village.
  • Movember
    Every November we focus on men's health by supporting the international Movember movement.
Understanding and embracing
"The Green Movement" not just as a trend, our company made a commitment and with this in mind, it lead us to support this worthy cause.
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About the project
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